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Hardware sales and Maintanance
Maccom is a leading provider of IT infrastructure products for the new public network. Our proven solutions enable service providers to quickly and effectively deploy an integrated network capable, and to deliver a range of innovative, new services.

We are at the forefront of providing network and computer solutions throughout Tamil Nadu. The industry is ever changing and with our knowledgeable staff, we are able to address any information systems needs. Our strict emphasis on quality service is combined with the latest technology to offer our customers a competitive edge. We are committed, to provide what our customer wants and we provide quality and consistency at the best value & time.

Manufacturing Industries, Administrative Office, Schools & Hospitals are few of the end users of our services. Our dedicated service to the Shoe & Leather manufacturing Industries in several towns of Vellore district & Chennai has brought us several laurels.

The services we offer are mentioned below

Systems Managements:
Re Sellers and Annual Maintenance Service providers of all branded and unbranded systems, Laptops, Desktop Systems, Printers, UPS, Scanners and other Peripherals. We have a team of Qualified & experienced Engineers, who are well versed in troubleshooting and providing network solutions. Our long list of reputed clients is a proof of our dedicated services.

Clean systems
Keeping the systems clean and dust free reduces hardware failure rates.

Monitor Free Disk Space
When a system runs low on hard drive space, performance degradation occurs. If an operating system runs out of disk space it will cease to function. Proactively maintaining free space prevents down time due to system failures caused by running out of disk space.

Manage Directory Structure
Maccom will maintain a consistent directory structure throughout the network. A logical, organized and documented directory structure for data files, program files, and program setup locations, simplifies and expedites restoration and installation processes.

Archive and Purge
Maccom will periodically backup then purge the server of out-dated files. This process enables the customer to retain information as well as maintain a reasonable amount of free disk space.

Scan Disk and De-Fragment Windows Workstations
Detecting fragmented files or bad sectors on the hard drive before they cause a serious problem enables MCC to resolve issues with minimal disruption to the user.

Verify and Manage Scheduled Backups
Maccom will protect you from data loss by making sure the backup jobs are indeed running as scheduled with out errors. MCC will retention tapes as needed and assist you in maintaining an inventory of rotating tapes.

Test Backup and Restore Procedures
Regular testing ensures that these functions work properly, detects problem issues during non-critical procedures and increases your confidence of data protection.

Maintain Network AntiVirus Definition Files
AntiVirus software vendors update the program definition files, also called signature files, constantly to keep up with the ever growing list of computer viruses.

Maintain Network AntiVirus Program
Maccom will apply program updates as they become available as well as ensure that each new workstation receives an installation of the company’s chosen anti virus standard. Many computers arrive with scaled down versions of an anti-virus program that needs to be properly removed to prevent conflicts with the company’s chosen standard.

Maintain Operating Systems
Maccom will apply patches, service packs and updates as recommended by vendors and as they become available.

Manage Applications
Maccom will install the chosen standard applications as needed. Maccom will also apply any upgrades or service packs as recommended by the software vendor.

Manage Users
Includes adding users, removing users, changing forgotten passwords, configuring user environments, and configuring new workstations

Manage Printers
Includes adding local and network printers to workstations.

Manage Network Services
Includes managing additional network wide services such as network fax programs, network modems, Internet access and remote networking.

Maccom provides monthly contract activity reports documenting changes made, updates implemented, errors detected, errors diagnosed, recommendations made. Maccom uses these reports to maintain a base line of network support activity indicating level of service contract required.
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